Canvas Mounting


  • Fasco I-clip Invisideck Hidden Scrail Clips, 900 Per Bucket
  • Fasco 11297f F23c A64-50pb 23-gauge Headless Pinner, 1 2-inch To 2-inch
  • Fasco F1b 80-16 11073f Fine Wire Upholstery Stapler For 80 Series Staples, Model 11073f, Outdoor And Hardware Store
  • Fasco 11077f 1b 7c-16 Ln 50mm 3 8-inch Crown 22 Gauge Senco C And Bea 71 Series Crown Stapler With 2-inch Long Nose, 1 4-inch To 5 8-inch By
  • Fasco F45c G-55b Ss 16 Gauge Stapler 71473200078
  • Fasco Heavy Duty F44c G50 Tl Ct Stapler
  • Fasco F44ac G50 Tl 16 Gauge 1 2 Wide Stapler By Fasco